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stage hypnosis in Durham, Peterlee, Tyneside, York, Chepstow, Bournemouth, Southampton and Dorset
entertainment and a hypnotism show in Northampton Leeds London or Sheffield
comedy hypnosis at its best in Bournemouth in Dorset and also dover in Kent
hypnosis show in Manchester Worcester or Norwich perfect entertainment from a top class entertainer in skegness

Hartlepool based comedy stage hypnotist and paranormal investigator Miles England will come to your party and make your event something special Miles England is The Party Hypnotist

Redcar hypnotic show available in Isle of Man  Porstsmouth and Swansea

 hypnotism show and entertainment in Hull Humberside or Darlington

comedy hypnosis show in Leeds Oxford and dorset as well as nottingham and great yarmouth in norfolk as well as Sunderland and northumberland and also carlisle and aberdeen with a top class stage hypnotism show perfect entertainment from to class entertainers

stage hypnotist available in London, Basingstoke, cardiff, wales, nottingham, kent, dorset, jersey, spain, tenerife and huddersfield also good entertainment from a hypnotic entertainer

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Top entertainment with Miles England's crazy comedy hypnosis show






Comedy stage hypnotist Miles England and the comedy hypnotism show

Miles England carries full public liability insurance to the value of 5 Million for the purpose of his stage hypnotists show.

After a bit of a rest Miles England is now back and available for booking now!!!!

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Hypnotists are fakes. Not true a hypnotic trance is very very real and so are most stage hypnotists.
Hypnosis will cause mental illness. Not true in fact a recent home office review into hypnosis revealed their is less risks then a lot of other activities and they removed a lot of restrictions on hypnotism performers.
They make you do horrible awful embarrassing things. Not true it is impossible for the comedy hypnotist to make someone do anything totally against their normal morale values in a stage hypnosis environment.
You cannot hypnotise me because I tried it before and it did not work. Everybody alive and with a normal or above IQ has the ability to be hypnotised to some degree or other just because it did not work with someone else does not mean you cannot be hypnotised. I use the very latest and safest techniques but also extremely powerful in order to achieve hypnosis.
It is not possible to hypnotize someone against their will. This is true for the purposes of a hypnosis show.
Do you use a swinging watch. Well you might expect this but it would be very boring I prefer to use some of the fastest techniques known to man.

So what does a hypnotism performer do?

Well let me start off by saying that all stage hypnosis entertainers are unique in the type of sketches they do but there are some classic sketches what most will do. Each hypnotic performer also has there favourite sketches as well but a good comedy hypnotist can think on his feet and change the show at will. An example where a artist may change his routine is when the volunteers are too deep to respond to that sketch or don’t quite grasp what the performer wants them to do. From time to time after watching lots of stage hypnotists you will notice that sometimes you get a hypnotized volunteer who is well in a hypnotic trance but does not respond to the performers commands. The reason for this is likely to be he is enjoying the relaxing feeling or what the artist is asking is against the subjects morale values. A good comedy hypnotist does not need to degrade or ridicule a person to get the audience laughing. Miles England never asks volunteers to remove any clothing or command them to do anything against there normal morale values. A hypnotic performer usually has his show planned out before the hypnosis show begins but can change it at any moment to suit the mood of the audience. A example is if a  hypnotic performer was booked for a adult show and the majority of the audience find it offensive he can revert to a more family orientated show with no problems whatsoever, however most good performers such as Miles England don’t get complaints about there material as a good hypnotist would not be put in a position where his or her respect was compromised. In my personal opinion if anyone asked me what to look out for when booking a stage hypnotist I would say make sure the hypnotist is a member of a professional organization as Miles England is this way you know the performer has a code of conduct to follow. Equity and F.E.S.H are the most common organizations and you will notice Miles England is indeed a member of Equity as are many other stage performers.

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The history of stage hypnosis

 Stage hypnosis as a form of entertainment and amusement has been around for 200 years and according to many sources the first person to perform stage hypnotism was a man by the name of Abbe Faria and he was also known as a scientist and this first demonstration took place in Paris. In those early days stage hypnotism was not nearly performed on the same scale as they are today. This was the first time where stage hypnotism was used as a tool to amuse audiences. The first person who really employed hypnotism as a stage act was the largely unsuccessful French actor by the name of Charles Lafontaine. This man toured Great Britain during the mid-1850s and he performed in many theaters. He was the first stage hypnotist that has gained substantial popularity for the hypnotic shows which he performed in various locations. Because of the relative secrecy in which hypnotism was veiled it really did not take much to amaze audiences. The mere act of causing subjects to fall asleep was looked upon with great amazement and wonder.

Many others followed

The performances of Lafontaine was witnessed by a certain gentleman by the name of James Braid in 1842 and this man was the first one to use the terms hypnotism or hypnosis which is derived from the Greek word for sleep. During the latter part of the 1840s many hypnosis demonstrations was seen and it was very common to see an advertisement during the close of the show where the hypnotist would promote their own private practices. This extraordinary form of entertainment was unfortunately tainted by the appearance of many charlatans and con artists who were paying assistants and even members of the audience to fake states of hypnotism. Eventually a gentleman by the name of Dr. Walford Bodie came along in the early 1900s and although it was quickly determined that he was not a real doctor he has done a lot to revive the interest in stage hypnotism. He managed to put on an excellent show which was thoroughly enjoyed by his audiences.

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