Hi and welcome to the home page of international stage hypnotist Miles England, I do hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any questions regarding the comedy hypnosis show do not hesitate to email Miles. He is  a comedy hypnotist and paranormal investigaor from the North East of England but is am available for shows worldwide subject to his availability with a fast paced non offensive stage hypnotist show.  He does all sorts of venues from boats to halls to private houses to pubs the venue does not matter as long as he has enough room to swing a cat!!!!. Below you will see a video clip from some of the stage hypnotism shows Miles has performed. If you are unsure weather his act would be suitable for your event or party feel free to contact him with your requirements. Miles is a master of the art of hypnosis and also trains other stage hypnotists and paranormal investigators and recently was sent to Los Angeles to take part in Bio TV's "My Ghost Storey" and also has performed his stage hypnotists show  in Gibraltar for the goverment as well as several M.O.D bases in the UK. Miles England has also performed his show for several high profile corporate clients for all sorts of occasions such as christmas parties or sales awards etc and his show does make great corporate entertainment. Miles England's show is funny, safe and unique at all sorts of occasions such as birthday parties and weddings or as fundraising party for charity events. Anyway enough of me babbling on here is a demo of things Miles does in his show

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Your Hypnotistim Questions Answered

Does hypnosis exsist?

Yes hypnosis does exsisit and has even been used in open heart surgery and dental operations among others instead of anastetic. Much research is still been done on hypnosis and the stages of hypnotism.

What's the difference between a stage hypnotist and a hypnotherapist?

Ok a comedy stage hypnotist uses hypnosis for fun and a hypnotherapist uses hypnotism to cure problems and bad habbits but essentialy the process is the same however you will find a stage hypnotist will use different techniques to achieve a hypnotic trance what we call rapid inductions but you will find most hypnotherapist will use a slower more relaxing induction to achieve hypnosis.

What Happens if a volunteer does not wake up after a stage hypnosis show?

This is impossible everyone ALWAYS wakes up however some people may take a minute or two to wake up, theres no known prooven  case on planet earth of someone stuck in a hypnotic trance.

Will you make me look silly on stage?

No not intentionly when you volunteer for a comedy hypnotist show my aim is just to have a good lighthearted laugh with you, when an audience laugths at someone under hypnosis they are laughing with the voulnteer not at them.

I cant be hypnotised!

Oh yes you can! people enter hypnosis at different rates somepeople go under in seconds others could take an hour it all depends on your mood if you want to be hypnotised, for the purposes of a comedy stage hypnotist show i look for people im going to get within 10 minutes, we use some fun psychological experiments to work this out.


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