comedy party stage hypnotist

Stage hypnotist Miles England a unique hypnotism shows around Europe and the UK

Can you become trapped in a hypnosis trance?

No this is not possible and has been no known cases of this, but sometimes people can move from a hypnotic trance to proper sleep simply because they are enjoying the relaxing experience and don't want it to end. they always wake up

Will I be forced to do things against my will?

No this is not possible you see when you are in a trance it is not possible for you to be forced to do something against your own morale values. You just would not respond to the suggestion.

How long does the show last?

This depends on the number of volunteers I try to make the show last at least 1 hour but if I have plenty of suitable volunteers this can exceed 1hr 30 minutes.

will I be made to eat a raw onion?

No I certainly do not do that at all.

will I remember what happened in the show

Yes if you want to, if people cannot remember but want to remember I will make that happen.

can hypnosis make me mad

A recent home office report actually removed some of the restrictions on stage hypnosis because after research it was declared there is very little risk of any permanent harm caused by stage hypnosis.

Are you insured?

Miles carries a limited public liability insurance up to 5 million pounds.

Do I need a stage for you to perform

No I will perform in any open space such as a stage, dance floor or area cleared in a pub etc but the area given must be clear from all trip hazards such as cables/equipment from previous artists because I will always look after my volunteers safety first before I will do a show.

Is a stage hypnotist suitable for my event?

As long as there are at least 40 people in the audience it should be possible to do some kind of a show but ideally they should be a minimum of 50 in the audience. The more people there the better show you will have.