Miles England International Stage Hypnotist

Since the age of 18 I have been interested in hypnosis and in particular stage hypnotism at this time (many many moons ago) I would not of even dreamt that one day I would be a stage hypnotist and a very successful one at that!!. Based on the time of writing I learnt the art of stage hypnosis 8 years ago which took many hours with my face in books and also had one to one training with a well known hypnotist in the United Kingdom. I first started my career as a stage hypnotist as Andy Graham as this is my real name however when I turned professional I was unable to keep this name for the purposes of my stage work as I needed to join Equity which is the union for stage performers. The reason I could  not keep my name another artist had my real name as his stage name!!!!. I was asked to change my stage name so after much debate I settled on the name Miles England which is appropriate as with just my UK shows I can travel 35,000 miles a year.

I will always remember my first ever show it was a high profile theatre Job in Manchester for a corporate client bearing in mind I had no stage experience at all and I was now stood in front of hundreds of people doing something I had never did in public before!!!!  oh my god!!!! the thought of it send shivers up my spine. The show was a success and a real confidence booster for me.

Over time as the gigs both in the UK and Europe came in I became more and more confident at what I do. Yes you do get the nights where only a few volunteer and you have to work your socks off but hey everyone has a bad day at the office once in a while.

I did dabble a little in hypnotherapy but this was not for me as I find it boring and  prefer the stage work. The worst thing about been a hypnotist and people knowing what you do is you get sick of the sound of someone impersonating a hypnotist off Little Britain you just got to smile as the people doing it don't realize you hear it 5 or 6 times a week!!!!




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